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Biography and CV


Liane Abdalla was born in São Paulo in 1961, and since she was a child her strong inclination towards the arts was evident. Her first contact with oil painting was at the age of eleven on the coast of São Paulo, she painted marinas outdoors together with her teacher. It was through this experience that she began to develop her artistic eye, learning to observe colors, shapes and textures through landscape painting. At the age of fifteen she had her first exhibition at the Escola Paulista de Arte in São Paulo where she studied the oil on canvas technique in more depth with professor Angel San Martin.

She continued her studies by participating in various courses and workshops. In 1982, she entered the University of Fine Arts of São Paulo, completing her degree in Fine Arts in 1986. She specialized in Art Therapy from 1999 to 2002 and postgraduated in Integrative Art from Centro Universitário Anhembi-Morumbi from 2203 to 2204.

She worked in the health sector, teaching Art Therapy workshops to HIV-positive patients at the outpatient clinic of the STD/AIDS Reference and Research Center in São Paulo, later expanding the project to the Lasar Segall Museum.

Throughout her career, Liane has produced several series. She developed her own techniques by combining languages and mixing materials. She produced drawings, paintings, monotypes, assemblages and installations. Her work is marked by the expressiveness of shapes, colors and gestures. Her production is related to themes involving nature, ecology, ancestry, archetypes, mysticism, alchemy and the imaginary.

In 1990, she dedicated herself to acrylic painting, portraying plant species, especially Brazilian flora. In 1999, the artist traveled to different regions of the Atlantic Forest on the coast and interior of São Paulo in search of inspiration and references. She researched specific publications on botany, archaeology, rock art, indigenous graphics and Afro-Brazilian art. She began experiments applying organic materials directly to canvases through collage, which resulted in her first solo exhibition, “NaturArte”, in 2001. The exhibition brought together around twenty two-dimensional panels with graphics constructed from tree barks, leaves, seeds and other elements collected on the ground in Atlantic Forest regions on the coast and interior of São Paulo.

In her series "In Natura", the artist deepened this research even further, also proposing an environmental reflection based on the similarity between the forms found in nature and utensils recognized by use. Furthermore, it drew attention to the transience of all things, a seemingly obvious subject that still remains misunderstood. Liane Abdalla's work is full of tribal and rock references from Afro-Brazilian and indigenous religious cultures, with mystical rituals, religious innuendos and a dense range of symbols recreated in panels with dimensions ranging from 65cm in diameter to 3m square. The works evoked references to humanity's past and its traces that were rescued and recombined through symbols and exhibited in individual exhibitions at the Centro Cultura da Caixa Econômica and at Funarte - Fundação Nacional Arte, both in São Paulo.

Currently, she has dedicated herself more intensely to the language of drawing and painting, where she seeks to create symbolic spaces that relate to subjectivities sensitive to the forces and forms of nature, building associations between the landscape and the imaginary. Trees, forests and forests took on a more central role in her compositions and she opened new investigations in the search for colors and lines, creating drawing-paintings on the grains of reused wood, paper and canvas as a support. Her pictorial narrative starts from small dots and lines that are composed in layers forming detailed and intricate drawings using different pictorial procedures to create fictional landscape environments driven by color.


Postgraduate in Integrative Art from Faculdade Anhembi Morumbi, coordinated by Alexia B. Leirner, 2003 to 2004.


Specialization in Art Therapy – taught by professor and psychologist Joya Eliezer, president of the São Paulo Art Therapy Association – 1999 to 2002.


Degree in Fine Arts - Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo, 1982-1986.


Artistic Development Program – by Shannon Botelho, Thaís Rivitti, Mariana Leme, Lucas Benatti, Anelise Valls and others, Caso TATO, 2021-2022.

Monotype, taught by Dudi Maia Rosa, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo – 2006.

Studio Course: Drawing and Painting, taught by Prof. Luiz Carlos de Almeida, FAAP – Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – São Paulo, 2006.

Art in the Therapeutic Context - For training in Therapeutic Arts, taught by professor and psychologist Joya Eliezer, FAAP, São Paulo, 1990 to 1992.

Industrial Printing, taught by professor Maria Cecilia Peixoto de Castro, FAAP, São Paulo, 1990.

Painting and Printing, taught by professor Cibele Allegreti, FAAP, São Paulo, 1989.

Artesanal Paper, taught by professor Diva Elena Buss, Museum of Contemporary Art at the University of São Paulo MAC-USP, São Paulo, 1985.

Italian Art in the 19th Century, taught by professor Annatereza Fabris, USP, São Paulo, 1985.

Introduction to the History of Art in Brazil, under the coordination of professor Lisbeth Rebollo Gonçalves USP, São Paulo, 1984.

Post-Modern Art, taught by professor Alberto Beauttenmuller, Museum of Contemporary Art at the University of São Paulo, 1983.


Individual “In Natura and Archeology” - Funarte SP – Fundação Nacional de Artes de SP, exhibition selected by notice. Media and supports: assemblages and canvases in sand, seeds, twigs, bark, natural pigments, vegetables, ground rock crystals, charcoal. – 2002.

Individual “In Natura” - Caixa Econômica Cultural Ensemble – Salão Nobre -SP. Media and supports: assemblages of leaves, branches and seeds on canvas and site-specific installation canoe, sand and seeds. As part of the exhibition's proposal, workshops are held for state school children. – 2001.

Individual “NaturArte” - Casa Eucatex -SP – media and supports: assemblages of leaves, branches and seeds on canvas. As part of the exhibition's proposal, workshops are held for state school children. – 2001.




Layers Collective Exhibition - curated by Mariana Leme. Tato Gallery. -SP, 2022.

Virtual exhibition at Galeria Eixo Arte - RJ, 2022.

Collective Exhibition The meetings, The Contingencies - curated by Mariana Leme. Galeria Tato -SP, 2021.

Virtual exhibition. Labyrintus Gallery – MG, 2021.

Virtual exhibition Arte Vida Arte Project – Women are Art. Ava Galeria de Arte – RJ, 2021.

Collective Exhibition A Book About Death, digital art – postcards. Brazilian Sculpture Museum – MUBE – SP 2010.

From Natural to Smart Technology – exhibition of In Natura works at Espaço Cultural Tecnofeal - SP, 2009.

Collective Exhibition - First Floor Space, São Paulo, 2008.

In Natura and Archeology Series Exhibition, at Espaço Armando Cerello - Campos do Jordão – SP, 2007.

Emotions of Viril Force, curated by Carmem E. Pousada - Espaço Cultural Vila Über – SP, 2006.

Collective Exhibition Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History – International Women’s Day, 2005.

Brasil Artshow exhibition, promoted by Galeria 22, at the Brazilian Sculpture Museum-MUBE. São Paulo, 2004.

22nd Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Sociarte, curated by Enock Sacramento. São Paulo, 2004.

Brasilis Exhibition. Expressions and Contours of Nature Project. Production and curation Carmem E. Pousada and Judith Klein, Paris – France, 2003.

21st Contemporary Artists Exhibition - Sociarte. São Paulo, 2002.

Collective Exhibition Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi. São Paulo, 2001.

Collective Exhibition “Contemporâneos Brazil” at Amazonas Galery, New York, 2000.

19th Collective Exhibition of the Sociarte de Artistas Contemporâneos. São Paulo, 2000.

1st Exhibition of Independent Visual Artists promoted by Atelier Alternativo and Agência Visual, at the Syrian Arab Cultural Center in Brazil. São Paulo, 1999.

“Contemporâneo” exhibition at Galeria Jo Slaviero, São Paulo, 1999.

17th Collective Exhibition of the Sociarte de Artistas Contemporâneos. São Paulo, 1998.

1st Visual Arts Salon in the City of São Paulo - North, with support and coordination from the Liceu de Artes e Ofícios de São Paulo, 1998.

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